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Household Chemicals

Our products are tough on dirt, while being gentle on the earth and your skin. Wide Range of Locally Produced, all Natural Household Cleaning Products.

Dishwasher Maintenance

We have on-site technicians readily available to assist in any call out pertaining to the dishwasher.

Industrial Chemicals

We Have Expert Chemists Who Can Manufacture Various Chemicals. Contact Us Now. Let Expert Chemists Produce Your Chemical to Your Exacting Specifications. Call Us Today!

Food Safety Training

Food safety refers to routines in the preparation, handling and storage of food meant to prevent food borne illness and injury. From farm to factory to fork, food products may encounter any number of health hazards during their journey through the supply chain.

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What are the food safety standards?

It is a formal requirement issued to food processors in order to protect human health. They are normally published under national standards agency, and are implemented by law around the world.

What are the principles of food safety?

Reduce food contamination hazard utilizing guidelines which outlines basic food safety: Clean, Separate, Chill, and Cook. These principles are align with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Which practices must be assessed in food companies?

Every activity involving the food production like planting, harvest, transport, sorting, processing, storing and distribution. There are much more issues within these topics, it depends on the core activities of the business.

Who creates the food safety requirements?

Food policies are set by national governments in different regions around the world. They are responsible for food regulation and develop food regulatory policy and policy guidelines.

What does the ‘use by’ date mean?

Highly perishable foods will have a use by date. This is the date that the food must be used by. It is illegal to use food beyond its use by date because it can compromise safety standards

How long must a food business keep traceability records?
  • Food business operators subject to S.I. No. 747 of 2007 as amended, must maintain traceability records for all food at least until it can be reasonably assumed that the food has been consumed. For food of animal origin the traceability information must be updated on a daily basis. It must be made clearly and unequivocally available to and retrievable by the food business operator to whom the food is supplied. For sprouts and seeds intended for the production of sprouts the food business must also update the records and transmit the relevant information on a daily basis

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